Alexander Ryazantsev: All matches are important, and the match against CSKA is super important

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Midfield of Zenit attended the presentation of the new agreement with Rostelecom and after the ceremony was over told to the media about preparation for the match against CSKA.

— Don’t such kind of events disturb from preparation for the Sunday match?
— Of course, not. Because all matches are important and the match against CSKA is super important. It does not matter how we spend our free time, all thought are only about it.

— How do you see this game? Besides the fact that it will be very tough. Have you analyzed CSKA? Do you think their losses due to injuries will affect it?
— You know, we don’t want to expect that some of them will not play, on the contrary, I would like to wish them all to recover soon and to be fielded. I think it will be the best way for everybody. As for analyzing CSKA… It’s fun, because it is useless to analyze the team, which consists of the National Team of Russia – one part and different other national teams – the other part. Everyone knows everybody perfectly well, and what will be decisive factor – we shall see on Sunday.

— Do training sessions in the club differ a lot from training sessions in the National team?
— Of course, they are different. There are only Russian guys in the National Team, and the process is different. This is normal. National team has one tasks, the club others.


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