Trainees from Orphanage come to Zenit-CSKA match

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15 kids from Orphanage  № 53 and supporter from Ulan-Ude Slava Boldin supported Zenit  at Petrovskiy during the match against CSKA.

The club guests were seated in Sector 2 and saw the team from St.Petersburg won one of the key games of the country Championship.

— All kids are happy, — the coach of Orphanage No 53 football team Sergey Vereteshkin said. – For those kids who go in for football, this match became another motivation for training. We are grateful to Zenit for invitation to such an important match! We enjoyed not only the performance and the win, but also the children’s sector – there is a special atmosphere there!

— We are happy that we have come to St.Petersburg, visited Udelny Part and Zenit match, - shared impressions father of Slava Boldin. – It was a fantastic game. We would like to thank Zenit for these two wonderful days which will remain in our memory and we would like to congratulate the club on the win and on their 90-anniversary!

The invitation of the Orphanage No 53 trainees and a supporter from Ulan Ude for the training session and a match was another of Zenit Good Deeds, dedicated to the club 90-anniversary. The charity marathon  90 Good Deeds started on 3 March: for over a year together with their supporters various good deeds will be done by athletes and coaches – players of the main squad of the club, Zenit-2, basketball team, as well as supporters from Students League and fan clubs will be taking part in these events.


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