Yakin about the Game against Terek

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— As our emotions were  positive after the first half, so  much disappointed we were after the second one. – Yakin said after the game. – If course it is not possible to play the way our team was playing in the second half. We played without passion. The opponent showed the way to play, and absolutely deserved to win. And now we shall have to survive criticizing, and or course, to analyze today performance of the team in detail.

— Do you think after this match the team has real chances to get the fourth place and to qualify to European Cups zone?

— For sure participation in European Cups was our aim. Now we are quite far from it. Probably, we do not have enough class and spirit to complete such task. And  it will remain, probably, a dream for now. Participating in European cups with such football would be quite problematic. We should work from the basic elements now. Today we have not won, our position in the tournament table is the one we are having. I think that the emotions should go down a little bit, then we should analyze the performance thoroughly and to do our best in order to win three remaining matches.


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