Leonid Slutskiy: "The Match was Different in Principle from the One we Had in May"

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PFC CSKA Head Coach Leonid Slutskiy after winning the derby 2:1 mentioned, that it was not at all easy for his players.

—The match was different in principle from the one we had in May. It was equal, tough, with a lot of moments for both teams. We managed to realize our moments a little bit better, and this brought to the final result of the game.

— Can you evaluate the condition of Seydou Doumbia?
— According to the information we have, he is in a good condition. He was ready to get more playing time, because he had all pre-season preparation with Roma.

— I think you will agree that luck was for PFC CSKA, and you had a good sparring before UEFA Champions League match?
— It is very difficult to call derby a sparring before the match against Sporting. It should be evaluated as a super-important self-consistent match. I already told that the game was very tough.

— What exactly you did not like in the performance of your team?
— In global meaning everything is ok. Locally, there were many situations: at wings they did not play well in tackling, made mistakes in simple situations, when there were good opportunities for the counterattacks. But such things happen in every game.


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