Krasnodar Prolonged Contract with Ari

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FC Krasnodar prolonged the contract with Brazilian forward Ari for the period of 3 years. The new agreement will be terminated at the end of 2018-2019 season.

Ariclenes da Silva Ferreira or, Ari for short, moved to Krasnodar in August 2013 as a free agent. Since that time he played 85 official matches for this club, scored 27 goals and made 14 assists to his team-mates. Ari is the third scorer for the whole story of the club, as the website of Krasnodar informs.

FC Krasnodar is happy to continue cooperation with Ari and expects that this forward will continue to bring joy to supporters with his well-placed shots and good assists, as well as he will help the team to get more achievements in the tournaments.

Ari: I am really happy that I prolonged my relations with Krasnodar! We will continue our way to the winning of the national championship and qualifying to UEFA Champions League. I still aim at playing for the national team of Russia. And I plan to dedicate the following three years of my career to make my aims come true. 


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