Save the Heart: Miron’s Heart will Go on!

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«Save the Heart» - this is the name of the joint charity project of Rubin and Rusfond, aimed at help to severely ill people under the care of Rusfond.

On 20 March the first stage of the project started at the match Rubin – Mordovia. Fundsrising activities were arranged for the first person to take care of – Miron Ismatov. He is only two years old and he has got a congenital heart disorder. In order to survive this Miron needs an extra vascular which costs  RUB 422 932, which will be made in the top cardio clinic of Kazan under the guidance of the most experienced surgeons.

An unusual event – Safe the Heart – started immediately after the kick-off whistle. And one more little patient of Rusfond Elvin Aliev had the chance for the first kick at the game. The boy made his first steps on the football pitch together with Oleg Kuzmin, Rubin captain.

Due to the joint efforts of Rubin Kazan and all fans who cared, little Miron got a chance to live a long and happy life.

The activities to support Miron Ismatov are still on till 23 March. FC Rubin invites everyone to join Save the Heart project.

In order to help Miron, you can send an sms-message “ДЕТИ”  to 5542.

It is also possible to help Miron by sending the amounts to RUSOFOND bank details (“For Miron Ismatov” should be mentioned when transferring)

ИНН 7743089883
КПП 774301001
р/сч. 40703810700001449489 в АО «Райффайзенбанк» г. Москва
к/сч. 30101810200000000700
БИК 044525700


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