The Competition will be Fierce until the Last Match

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After the UEFA EURO 2016 match Russia versus Slovakia (1:2) a press conference of the head coaches of both teams took place at the stadium, as the FUR website informs:

Leonid Slutski, Russia’s head coach:

— You made two substitutions in the half time already. Does it mean that if you had had an opportunity to start the game again you would have chosen other first eleven for the game versus Slovakia?

— I would not put it in such a categorical way. If we could follow the plan we had for the game, scored first, everything could have happened in a different way.  But we conceded goals so we had to rebuild the play of the team and first of all the playing model in the midfield. 

— The second goal by Slovaks was really beautiful but at the same time Hamšík was unmarked while getting the ball. Did you analyze such situations during your theoretical sessions?

— We knew that they had such a set combination. Before scoring the goal they had three corner kicks on the right and we managed to deal with them. Unfortunately, that time there was a lack of concentration.

— What can you say about Glushakov and Mamaev’s performance?

— No doubt, they managed to improve the quality of the game and Glushakov scored a goal. They both fulfilled their tasks.

— Who aren’t you satisfied with in particular and will you make any changes in the line-up for next game?

— After each game there are questions both to individual players and the team interaction in general. I don’t think it’s wise to discuss it in public – we will analyse it with the team. We have enough time to do it and to estimate the game.

— You used trio Smolov-Kokorin-Dzyuba in friendly games and continue to use it at the EURO. Do you still believe in this combination of players? 

I wouldn’t take into account friendly matches. Today each of them had enough scoring chances – Smolov, Kokorin and Dzyuba. If the percentage of completing such moments had been higher, perhaps, we would have talked about their interaction in a different way.

— What do you think about the situation in the group?

— It is obvious that it is rather complicated. Before the last round each team has a chance to proceed to the play-off. So the competition will be fierce until the last match.

— What are the advantages of Wales?

— It is common knowledge that Wales have two top players who will draw particular attention – these are Bale and Ramsey. But in the match which is decisive for the final team standing it will be more important how the whole teams will play not individual players.



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