RPL players recommend what to read, watch and do in your free time

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Russian Premier Liga players have shared their favourite distractions while the RPL is suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Music to listen to

Ivan Oblakov: HammAli & Navai, Miyagi
Eugene Frolov: Masha Koltsova
Anton Shvets: Romeo Santos, Basta, Bi-2
Guilherme: Justin Timberlake
Andrey Panyukov: Zivert
Yuri Dupin: Basta, music from the top charts

Movies to watch

Ivan Oblakov: Legend №17
Eugene Frolov: The Taming of the Scoundrel, Brother 2
Anton Shvets: Papillon, Shawshank Redemption
Guilherme: Ford vs Ferrari
Andrey Panyukov: The Man in the Iron Mask
Yuri Dupin: The Girl in the Fog, The Invisible Guest, Lucky Number Slevin

Unmissable TV series

Ivan Oblakov: Diversant
Eugene Frolov: Vikings, Messing's Pupil
Anton Shvets: The Method
Guilherme: House of Cards
Andrey Panyukov: Last Hero (TV show)
Yuri Dupin: Blacklist, Sherlock

What to watch on YouTube

Eugene Frolov: iling show
Anton Shvets: Egrisi, Krasava
Guilherme: Krasava
Andrey Panyukov: The Люди
Yuri Dupin: Krasava

Books to read

Ivan Oblakov: The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes (Arthur Conan Doyle)
Eugene Frolov: Ivanhoe (Walter Scott)
Anton Shvets: Shoe Salesman: The story of Nike as told by its founder (Phil Knight)
Guilherme: The Servant: A simple story about the true essence of leadership (James Hunter)
Andrey Panyukov: Schindler's List (Thomas Keneally)
Yuri Dupin: I Want and I Will (Mikhail Labkovsky), Red Tablet (Andrey Kurpatov)

What else to do in your free time

Ivan Oblyakov: Board games - Alias, Domino, Codenames, Monopoly
Evgeniy Frolov: Learn to play drums
Andrey Panyukov: Play Counter-Strike
Yuri Dupin: I think every household has such things that they wanted to do for a long time, but didn’t get round to! In this break, I decided to take things apart, clean up properly and fix what was broken.


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