RPL & Liga Stavok to support medical staff in fight against coronavirus

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The Russian Premier Liga and Liga Stavok will deliver lunch boxes to doctors at two hospitals in Moscow which are receiving patients with coronavirus.

Hospitals are fully provided with personal protective equipment, medicine and equipment, but assistance was needed with catering for doctors and hospital workers.

Starting this week, the RPL and general partner Liga Stavok will provide daily meals to the medical staff of the infectious disease hospital in Kommunarka and the maxillofacial hospital of war veterans, which was redesigned to receive patients with coronavirus. Lunch boxes will be prepared by Serbian restaurants Dzhumbus and Boemi.

"At this difficult time, each of us must show social responsibility,” said RPL president Sergey Pryadkin. “Even just strict self-isolation is a great help in the fight against the spread of coronavirus.

“Our organisation has an additional responsibility. Therefore, together with our general partner Liga Stavok, we decided to help the doctors who are working hard, so that our life will return to normal as soon as possible. I’m sure that other sports organisations will follow our example and provide the necessary targeted support. Only together will we be able to overcome these difficulties.”

“The spread of the coronavirus pandemic is a real challenge to all of humanity,” said Liga Stavok president Yuri Krasovsky. “No one can shy away; only by uniting can we win in this situation. A special burden should be placed on big business. Socially responsible companies can make a real contribution to the fight against this new disease and support all of society.

“It is necessary to provide concrete, practical assistance, using the available resources in the most effective way. Liga Stavok is taking part in the campaign to support medical staff with honour. Doctors are the real heroes of our time.”

"When the RPL came to us with this initiative, I did not question it for a second,” explained the owner of Dzhumbus, Vladimir Bozhovich. “We understand the burden and responsibility that now lies on the doctors of these hospitals. Of course, we are happy to help and prepare our best dishes for them. The chefs are ready to work as long as it takes to provide for everyone.”

"We thank the doctors, nurses and other employees of our clinic for their help," said Sergey Sysoev, deputy chief doctor of the maxillofacial hospital. “After a six-hour shift, they will have a varied lunch from caring people and organisations waiting for them. Now only through joint efforts will we be able to return the life of our society to normal.”


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