RPL and Higher School of Economics sign science and education cooperation agreement

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The agreement is valid until 31 August 2025.

On the league’s side, the agreement was signed by RPL President Sergey Pryadkin, and the HSE was represented by Dmitry Kuznetsov, Director of the Higher School of Law and Administration.

The agreement provides for:

- the joint holding of scientific and educational events on topical issues in sports management, marketing and law at international and national levels;

- the organisation of thematic master classes, seminars and presentations by RPL employees;

- the participation of RPL representatives in the implementation of the HSE Master's programs "International Sports Management and Marketing" and "International and National Sports Law" and additional education programs;

- the quality control of students' education on thematic master's programs by RPL representatives;

- the organisation of practical training and internships in the RPL for students of the relevant programs;

- information support from the RPL of educational programs and scientific and educational events of the Higher School of Economics.

Sergey Pryadkin, RPL President:
– I believe that even without formal agreements, our cooperation began a long time ago. Evgeny Savin, a student of the first edition of joint program with CIES and FIFA in 2015, has been leading the Sports Management module of this program for several years, teaching, and coaching student groups for the preparation and presentation of final projects. Ivan Suvorov, a sixth-year student, graduated during a difficult pandemic period, when he literally had to change the format of training and conduct part of the program by video link, and part in person, in accordance with the strict requirements of the Russian Health Authority. In the current course, another of our employees - Sergey Rasulov - is studying.

We have also established a productive cooperation with our colleagues from the Sports Research Laboratory; for several years we have been jointly preparing the sports calendar of our competitions. Working together has allowed us to improve the quality of the Russian Premier Liga product.

I am very pleased with the areas in which we cooperate and their results. I only hope for further strengthening of ties and productive work, which the agreement and, most importantly, our teams should contribute to.

Dmitry Kuznetsov, Director of the Higher School of Law and Administration, HSE:
– The Higher School of Economics and the RPL have been working closely together for many years. Four HSE/FIFA/CIES Executive Program in Sports Management graduates occupy high positions in the central office of the RPL, graduates of sports management and law programs work in many Premier Liga clubs, including Spartak and Dynamo. Evgeny Savin, an HSE graduate, Director of RPL competitions, and manager of the Russian national football team, was recognized three times as the best teacher of the HSE Institute of Sports Management and Law. We are pleased that our university is now involved in many RPL projects, including the formation of the league's competition calendar.

We are also extremely grateful to the RPL management for conducting a series of master classes for HSE students, for participating in global international conferences under the auspices of the university, and for implementing joint research projects, including within the framework of the organised practice of undergraduates both in the central office and at RPL clubs. We are convinced that the signed agreement will become a new stage in combining the efforts of the HSE and the RPL to develop Russian football and to increase its prestige in the international arena. Together we will create the sports science of winning!


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