RPL & RFU joint statement

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On 21 June, the International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA) decided to allow foreign players and coaches to suspend employment contracts with Russian clubs until 30 June 2023.

The Russian Football Union, the Russian Premier Liga and Russian professional clubs condemn this decision and strongly disagree with it. FIFA has repeatedly declared that sport should remain out of politics, but the position of the organization clearly contradicts this.

We believe that the decision to suspend contracts is contrary to the FIFA regulations, is discriminatory, and it was taken against one of the members of the football family in the absence of his fault. FIFA representatives never held any preliminary consultations and discussions with us.

The decision completely destroys the principles of contractual stability and the integrity of the competition. It is openly stated that now football players and coaches have the right not to respect contractual obligations.

In addition, questions of economic consequences for Russian football clubs are completely ignored. How to ensure long-term planning and financial stability in a situation where even the most valuable player can leave the team without any compensation? The contract can no longer fully protect both the club and the athlete. This precedent is a bad sign for the entire football industry.

With the hope of preserving the principles laid down in the foundation of world sport, we want to address all members of the international football community. We ask you not to abuse the rights granted by FIFA, as their decision contradicts to the fundamental principles of the football family. In the future, a similar situation may affect any federation.

Football should not divide but unite people in every corner of the globe. The decision will cause irreparable damage to the football industry in Russia. We reserve the right to apply to the courts to protect our interests.


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