Ezhov and Kovalenko put the end to Krylia winless streak

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RPL Matchday 7
Akhmat Grozny 1-2 Krylia Sovetov Samara
Saturday 27 August, Akhmat Arena

Goals: Akhmat – Konate (5); Krylia Sovetov – Ezhov (20), Kovalenko (72)
Sent off: Akhmat – Oparin (30)
Man of the Match: Maksim Glushenkov (Krylia Sovetov)

Last time Krylia Sovetov won in Grozny was the Cup semi-final in 2021, when penalty shootout success led Samara youngsters to the final. Finally, they got a league win against Akhmat, first one since May 2016. The visitors suffered a terrible start, Roman Evgenyev made a bad pass to Ivan Lomaev, and Mohamed Konate scored easy empty netter, so the striker scored in the second straight game. Krylia answered in 15 minutes, after Glen Bijl perfectly addressed Roman Ezhov, and he threw the ball behind Mikhail Oparin.

Akhmat keeper was included in the starting 11 instead of Giorgi Shelia, who watched the match from Akhmat Arena stands. Oparin spent only 30 minutes, as his clash with Ezhov turned into a red card for the goaltender. 18-year-old Rizvan Tashaev, Akhmat graduate, made his debut for the first team and saved five shots during his play. Only one shot found the way to the net, in the second half Aleksandr Kovalenko sent the ball through the crowd, and it reached the target becoming first ever player goal in the RPL.

Krylia end the five-game winless streak and move up to eighth on nine points, while Akhmat drop to ninth having one point less.

Next RPL fixtures: Sunday 4 September – Krylia Sovetov vs CSKA, Lokomotiv vs Akhmat

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