Lokomotiv to face Spartak, CSKA to meet Krasnodar in the Russian Cup RPL Path quarterfinals

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At Russian Cup All-Star Game in Moscow, a draw procedure took place to set quarterfinal pairs in RPL Path and Regions Path.

RPL Path quarterfinals

Lokomotiv Moscow vs Spartak Moscow
Krylia Sovetov Samara vs Dynamo Moscow
FC Rostov vs Ural Ekaterinburg
CSKA Moscow vs FC Krasnodar

Each stage in RPL Path includes two-leg format, if two teams are tied at goals after second match, penalty shootout will be played. First legs will be hosted by teams, who finished second in the RPL Path Group Stage. Winners will advance to RPL Path semi-finals, eliminated teams will move to Regions Path quarterfinals second stage.

First legs will take place between 21 & 23 February, while second legs will be played between 28 February & 2 March.

Regions Path quarterfinals

FC Ufa vs Akhmat Grozny
Akron Togliatti vs Torpedo Moscow
Volga Ulyanovsk vs Zenit St. Petersburg
Zvezda St. Petersburg vs FC Pari Nizhny Novgorod

Each stage in Regions Path is divided by two parts, and each includes one-leg format, if the regular time ends in draw, penalty shootout will be played. In the first stage of quarterfinals winners of Regions Path qualifying rounds will host RPL teams, who were third in RPL Path Group Stage. In the second stage winners of the first stage will meet eliminated teams from RPL Path quarterfinals.

First stage of quarterfinals will take place between 25 & 27 February.


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