Questions answered about the RPL fixture list

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We explain how the fixture list for the remainder of this Russian Premier Liga season was compiled.

The 2019/20 RPL season will resume on 19 June with Krylia Sovetov Samara vs Akhmat Grozny. The last matchday will take place on 22 July.

Below we have answered the main questions about the remaining fixtures for the 2019/20 RPL season.

Why are matches starting on 19 June, and not 21 June as previously announced?

According to the long-standing practices of the Russian Football Union and professional leagues, the calendar structure uses a single date to denote matchdays - Sundays for weekend matchdays and Wednesdays for midweek ones.Therefore, all official reports from the RFU and RPL directors named the date 21 June, and not 19 June.

But then will not all teams get 21 days to prepare?

Thanks to the decisions of regional executive authorities, all teams resumed training a few days before 1 June. Therefore, the 19 June start does not shorten the three-week training cycle for any clubs.

What were the main difficulties when creating the fixture list?

It was necessary to fit eight matchdays into a month and evenly distribute the load on teams. Never in the history of the RPL matches have been held in such an intense schedule.

Why couldn't the rest of the season be spread out over a longer period?

According to the current plan of UEFA, our national association must provide a list of participants for European competitions from Russia by 3 August.

Was it possible to play for a week and a half longer i.e. until 2 August?

In this case, after an intensive schedule, teams would not have any time left to recover before the start of next season. We plan to start it in early August.

Okay, but why can't we start next season later?

Due to the postponement of Euro 2020 to next summer affecting the structure of the 2020/21 season calendar, the number of available matchdays has been reduced. The RPL will need to finish earlier than planned, in mid-May, so that players have time to join training camps with their national teams before the tournament.

Due to the weather in Russia, it is not possible to hold matches from mid-December to mid-February to compensate for the reduced slots on the calendar, so it is necessary to start the next season as early as possible.

Why are there more matches at the same time, and why are they not evenly distributed across a few days?

The calendar is designed so that all teams are on an equal footing and each team has at least three days to prepare for every match.


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