Magomed Daudov: «This team is capable to do a lot»

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An outstanding win of Terek over the Championship leader Zenit was commented for the club press-service by Magomed Daudov, President of the club from Chechnya.

- Mr.Daudov, what does this win over Zenit mean for the club?
- First of all – three points. This win allowed us to secure our position in the group of leaders. To beat Zenit and in an away match – it is not a common event for any team. Of course, it is very pleasant to beat the leader, besides to make its first failure in the season. People in Chechnya Republic love football and love their team, and yesterday the players made a gift for all inhabitants of our republic, and we are extremely grateful to them for it.

- What is the reason for the successful performance of the team in the current season?
- A lot of factors hung together. First of all – we have a very good team and atmosphere in it. We have kept our leaders. We have a team oriented group, which has been playing together not for one day. Coaching skills. I think, it is evident that Rashid and players understand each other. Players know the requirements of the Head Coach and fulfill them in a correct way. Coach and the team trust each other and this is very important.  I also would like to mention the work of all coaching staff. It is well-known that the team success depends a lot on their physical condition. Today we can see, that the team is running throughout all 90 minutes. This is the big contribution of fitness coach Zvonko Komes. Our team conceded less goals than any other team, this fact cannot be more enjoyable. Without casting shadow on the defense line and the whole team, it is worth to mention the confident play of goalkeeper Yaroslav Godzyur. Here you can see the results of GK coach Ramsan Tsutsulaev work.

- Do you have the aim of getting to UEFA Europa League zone for the team? 
- We do not put the team in the certain frame. We help them, we support them, but the players are at ease. They realize that they can do a lot today and do their best to reach this aim. We have all components for that: good team, wonderful internal atmosphere, support of our administration and fans. We hope that this impulse will be enough for the whole season.


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