Kangwa’s header not enough for Arsenal to leave bottom

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Arsenal Tula 1-1 Krasnodar
Sunday 8 May, Arsenal Stadium

Goals: Arsenal - K. Kangwa (19); Krasnodar - Spertsyan (pen 76)
Sent off: Krasnodar - Sorokin (90)
Man of the Match: Kings Kangwa (Arsenal)

Arsenal kicked off this week with the 2-2 draw against Nizhny Novgorod, when the hosts conceded twice in the first 30 minutes, but turned the game around and were even close to win. This time hosting Krasnodar the Gunners started better, as the corner kick taken by Sergey Tkachev was finished by Kings Kangwa’s header. The Zambian made the starting 11 alongside brother Evans, and it was his successful comeback after three-game suspension.

Adding Vladimir Ilyin to the attacking line in the half-time, Krasnodar played more actively and increaded the number of shots from two to nine. Eduard Spertsyan ran into the box and was stopped with a foul, and after VAR review referee Sergey Ivanov awarded the visitors with the penalty. Spertsyan took a shot, and it was saved by Mikhail Levashov, but VAR reviewed the foul from the keeper, as he was not stepping on the goalline. So Spertsyan got a second chance and buried the ball into the left corner.

Evgeny Lutsenko and Djordje Despotovic came into the last minutes to snatch the first win this year, Kings Kangwa earned a straight red card for Egor Sorokin after Krasnodar defender fouled him near the box, but their activity was not enough.

Arsenal remain bottom on 23 points, while Krasnodar stay fifth on 46 points.

Next RPL fixtures: Saturday 14 May - Ufa vs Arsenal Tula; Sunday 15 May - Krasnodar vs CSKA Moscow

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