Noboa makes difference, as Sochi beat Akhmat

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RPL Matchday 3
FC Sochi 2-1 Akhmat Grozny
Saturday 30 July, Fisht Central Stadium, Sochi

Goals: Sochi - Noboa (pen 20, 49); Akhmat - Troshechkin (60)
Man of the Match: Christian Noboa (Sochi)

Christian Noboa reached the starting 11 for the first time this season, and it made effort for Sochi to beat Akhmat in their first match at home stadium. In the past two matchdays Ecuadorian entered the game from bench. In the first 15 minutes Sochi conceded twice, but both goals from Andrey Semenov and Ivan Oleynikov were cancelled due to offside.

The hosts got their chance, after VAR found handball by Miroslav Bogosavac, and referee Artem Lyubimov showed on the spot. Noboa scored into the top corner and gave the lead to Sochi. It could be two-goal advantage, when Georgy Melkadze tipped in Artem Makarchuk’s cross, but after VAR review the decision was changed due to another offside. Akhmat finished the first half with the red card, which was shown to Andrey Talalaev, as he argued with referee. His assistant Yury Nagaytsev took the duties after the break.

Noboa started the second half with his masterpiece shooting into the bottom corner, and this time Makarchuk got an assist. Akhmat answered with Aleksandr Troshechkin header, and they had 30 minutes to escape from the loss. Troshechkin got another attempt, but the ball went near the post.

Sochi got second win in three matches and earned six points, Akhmat suffered first defeat and kept four points.

Next RPL fixtures: Saturday 6 August - Akhmat vs Zenit; Sunday 7 August - Sochi vs Pari NN

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