Sochi jump to third with first ever win against Pari NN

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RPL Matchday 4
FC Sochi 2-1 FC Pari Nizhny Novgorod
Sunday 7 August, Fisht Central Stadium, Sochi

Goals: Sochi - Noboa (pen 32), Yusupov (38); Pari NN - Yuldoshev (84)
Man of the Match: Vladislav Sarveli (Sochi)

It took five attempts for Sochi to beat FC Nizhny Novgorod, currently Pari NN, in the official tournaments. Previously the Southern side could not neither to beat nor to score against their opponents both in RPL and FNL. The first Sochi goal in this clash came from the penalty, as VAR saw the foul from Viktor Aleksandrov on Vanja Drkusic. Christian Noboa scored from the spot in the second straight game. Just five minutes later Artur Yusupov got the pass from Sergey Terekhov and sent the ball into the right corner to double the lead.

Sochi could win more impressive, as their stats on shots included 31 in total, 14 of them went on target. They stayed with two goals and got nervous ending, when Ibrohimhalil Yuldoshev cut their lead. The hosts kept the win, their third in the starting four matches and second in a row at Fisht Stadium.

Sochi go third on nine points, while Pari NN are 13th with two points.

Next RPL fixtures: Sunday 14 August - Pari NN vs Rostov, Spartak vs Sochi

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