Pari NN win in Gancharenko return to Ural

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RPL Matchday 6
Ural Ekaterinburg 0-1 FC Pari Nizhny Novgorod
Saturday 20 August, Ekaterinburg Arena

Goal: Pari NN – Yuldoshev (79)
Sent off: Ural – Egorychev (62)
Man of the Match: Ibrohimkhalil Yuldoshev (Pari NN)

Seven years past since Viktor Goncharenko worked as Ural head coach first time, and now he returned to save the team from the relegation battle. Coach started with meeting Pari NN, who also felt the lack of victories. The game remained tied before the final 30 minutes; Andrey Egorychev was awarded with red card after being booked twice. Guests from Nizhny Novgorod used the advantage, thanks to Ibrohimkhalil Yuldoshev. The defender entered the pitch after half time and scored the winner making play with Vyacheslav Krotov. After five matches without wins the first success came to Mikhail Galaktionov as Pari NN head coach.

Ural stay bottom with one point, while Pari NN go to 12th with five points.

Next RPL fixtures: Saturday 27 August – Prai NN vs Dynamo, Sunday 28 August – Ural vs Zenit

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