Abascal gets first derby win defeating Lokomotiv

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RPL Matchday 10
Spartak Moscow 1-0 Lokomotiv Moscow
Sunday 18 September, Otkrytie Bank Arena, Moscow

Goal: Spartak – Sobolev (35)
Man of the Match: Quincy Promes (Spartak)

If Spartak had already lost to Dynamo, Lokomotiv participated in the derby against Moscow rivals for the first time this season. The Red-Whites entered the field with two powerful strikers in duo, Shamar Nicholson and Aleksandr Sobolev were the biggest danger for the Railwaymen. The Jamaican missed his chances on breakaways in the first half, while Sobolev stroke hard and scored after getting pass from Danil Prutsev, so his goal streak reached four straight official games, including three league matches and one Cup fixture.

Quincy Promes tested Daniil Khudyakov twice from the free kicks, but Lokomotiv keeper denied both shots and left RPL top scorer without goals. Aleksandr Selikhov had more work to do in the second half than in the first and did it well stopping Wilson Isidor close shot and Ivan Ignatyev breakthrough. It gave Guillermo Abascal first derby win as Spartak head coach.

Spartak move to fifth on 19 points, while Lokomotiv stay 12th on nine points having three-game losing streak.

Next RPL fixtures: Saturday 1 October – Lokomotiv vs Ural; Sunday 2 October – Pari NN vs Spartak

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