No winner decided in electric CSKA vs Spartak derby

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RPL Matchday 13
CSKA Moscow 2-2 Spartak Moscow
Sunday 16 October, VEB Arena, Moscow

Goals: CSKA – Chalov (17, 70); Spartak – Znikovsky (53), Sobolev (58)
Man of the Match: Fedor Chalov (CSKA)

Vladimir Fedotov and Guillermo Abascal entered the Big Moscow Derby as CSKA and Spartak coaches for the first time. The electrifying started from the beginning, as three yellow cards were given to the players in the first 15 minutes. Promes’s card could be turned into a red, after he kicked Willian Rosha, but Sergey Karasev decided, it was enough for yellow. CSKA caught the rivals in the fast attack, Fedor Chalov pushed through Miha Mevlja and scored first career goal against Spartak.

The Red-Whites found the answer in the half-time, Pavel Maslov and Anton Zinkovsky replaced Mevlja and Rusla Litvinov respectively. Both newcomers created the attack, which was ended by powerful shot from Zinkovsky to the far corner, that was another new scorer in derby. Five minutes later Spartak top players showed themselves, top scorer Quincy Promes led top assistant Aleksandr Sobolev to the net, and forward gave Spartak the lead with his ninth goal in last eight official matches. Both Spartak scorers marked themselves in the derby for the first time.

The Armymen also used their bench to turn the game, both Southamericans Jesus Medina and Jorge Carrascal were replaced by Ivan Oblyakov and Nikita Ermakov. Oblyakov’s cross became an assist for Chalov, whose header tied the derby again and gave him ninth goal of the season. As the match ended with draw, Zenit got comfortable lead in the standings having seven-point gap between second place.

Spartak go second with 26 points, while CSKA move to third on 25 points getting ahead of Rostov due to best goal difference.

Next RPL fixtures: Sunday 23 October – Orenburg vs CSKA, Spartak vs Khimki

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