Pari NN make huge step to keep alive in RPL

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Relegation play-off
1st leg
Rodina Moscow 0-3 FC Pari Nizhny Novgorod
Wednesday 7 June, Spartak Academy Field №4, Moscow

Goal: Pari NN – Sevikyan (11), Yakovlev (57), Sharipov (90+2)

Second year in a row Sergey Yuran and his team reached the relegation play-off, last season he avoided dropping to First League with Khimki. Rodina, finished fifth in low division, made the relegation play-off through Alainia failed to get necessary license. Pari NN captured early lead, Edgar Sevikyan was on the way of ball pushed by keeper, former Levante scored first time since coming to Russia last summer. Remaining part of first half was the challenge for Artur Nigmatullin, but goalkeeper, made our clean sheets in last five RPL matches, stood unbeaten after several shots.

When second half started, the guests from RPL made triple substitution, and it worked; after Nikolay Kalinsky free kick Vladislav Yakovlev hit the header for second goal. Another substitution said its word in the added time; Albert Sharipov left alone in the penalty area and sent the ball past the goalkeeper.

Second leg: Saturday 10 June – Pari NN vs Rodina

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