Victor Fayzulin: On vacations I try to keep up

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Zenit midfield told about routine of pre-season training sessions and explained why the coming matches might be difficult.

— What were you thinking about on your way to Doha?
— Nothing new, everything was the same as usual. Now there is only one aim – to prepare well for the Championship.

— Taking into consideration the fact that you did not have vacation for one year, and got a chance to relax only in December, is it more difficult to return back to work?
— Well, no, I would not say that there are any problems. Everything is the same as at previous training camp.

— Do you find it boring?
— I got used to it.

— How do you find Doha?
— The pitches are ideal, the hotels are perfect. We have changed the hotel in comparison to the previous year, and as for the rest – there is  nothing new.

— What were you doing on your first day of the camp, what kind of  training sessions did you have?
— We had a light training yesterday, just to feel it. It was as usual again.


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