Spartak interrupts the winning run of Zenit

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Review of the SOGAZ-Russian Football Championship MD 9

Ural 3:4 PFC CSKA

Ural managed to score three goals to its opponent for the first time during the latest two seasons in Premier League, but it was not enough for the team to get at least one point. The winless run of the team home matches is continued – now it has six matches.

Due to this win the team of Leonid Slutskiy shortened the difference between Zenit and PFC CSKA up to 4 points. PFC CSKA has not conceded more than two goals per match in the current season.


Mordovia 0:2 Ufa

In the history of its matches against the team from Ufa Mordovia did not win a single match. Last season the team from Saransk lost  0:3 and played in a draw  2:2, and lost in the current season 0:2. The team of Yury Semin stopped its defeatless run of the three matches, during which Mordovia won twice and played in a draw once.

Ufa still has not gained a single point in the home matches, but they already have three away wins and one match ended in a draw.


Zenit 0:0 Spartak

Zenit  set up a new record of winning run matches at the start of the season – 8, but the team of Andre Villas-Boas was not able to overcome this achievement in the match against Spartak. In any case, their defeatless run in this season reached 9 matches. For the first time in the season Zenit scored no goals.

Spartak became the first team in the current season, which managed to gain at least one point in the match against Zenit. The team of Murat Yakin managed to play clean for the third time in the season. Spartak became the first team in Russia, which did not concede any goals from Zenit under the guidance of Villas-Boas.



Dynamo 2:2 Kuban

Dynamo was not able to win, even leading the score after the first half 2:0. For Dynamo it was the first draw in the Championship.

Kuban did not lose again and brought its defeatless run in the current stason up to nine matches.


Lokomotiv 3:1 Amkar

Lokomotiv interrupted the five matches run without wins in the Russian Championship. During this time the team played in a draw twice and lost three times.

Amkar lost without its Head Coach Slavoljub Muslin. For the team from Perm this failure became the second one in a row.


Krasnodar 3:0 Arsenal

Krasnodar won for the second time in a row, having brought the number of winning with a big score up to three. This allowed the team to outrun Spartak Moscow in the tournament table.

Arsenal was not able to win the 9th match in a row. The team from Tula updated the anti-record for the first-show teams of the Russian Championships. In 1994 Lada Togliatti, which hard-fought its way to the elite group, managed to win only on MD9.


Terek 2:1 Rostov

Terek Groznyi at the home arena does not know any failures for 13 matches in a row. During this period the team won 10 times and made draw 3 times. Success in the match against Rostov brought the team of Rashid Rakhimov to the 5th place in the tournament table.

Rostov had its first match after resignation of Miodrag Bozovic and continued its run of failures up to 4 matches.


Rubin 2:1 Torpedo

The club from Kazan managed to come from behind to beat Torpedo. Losing after the first half 0:1, Rubin was able to improve and to get the three points which are so important. Rubin so far has never lost at Kazan Arena.

For Torpedo it was the fifth failure in a row.


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