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Review of the SOGAZ-Russian Football Championship MD 11

Ural 1:0 Arsenal

Ural had its second home win in a row, both results were gained at different stadiums. The first one in the match against Spartak - at Centralnyi, and the other one - against Arsenal in Indoor Hall Ural.

Ural does not concede a goal also for the second match - this is the record of the current season. The team forward Erokhin scores in the fourth match in a row.

Arsenal on the  contrary conceded in its last eight matches and in 10 of the current season 11 matches. Also for the eighth time in this season Arsenal was not able to score. The winless run reached 11 matches.


Amkar 2:0 Rostov

Amkar won for the third time in this season. It is remarkable that all three times the club from Perm reached success at its own stadium. As for Amkar's away matches, here its success is not so evident so far- only 1 point.

Rostov is the only team in the Premier League which does not have any matches with a clean sheet. The team which is coached now by Igor Gamula conceded 32 goals over 11 matches.

Torpedo 0:0 Kuban

Torpedo still cannot win at the stadium in Ramenskoe. The team does not lose for the two matches in a row.

Kuban cannot win in three matches in a row, and in two of them the team was not able to score.


Spartak 1:1 Lokomotiv

The central match of the MD 11 at Otkrytie Arena Stadium got the new record of attendance in the current season. Match Spartak - Lokomotiv gathered 39 074 spectators at the stands.

Spartak cannot beat Lokomotiv for five matches in a row. Due to the debute goal of Shirokov Spartak interrupted its two goalless matches run. And the winless run has already 4 matches.

Lokomotiv coached by Miodrag Bozovic gained 4 points in two matches.

Ufa 3:3 PFC CSKA

Ufa for the first time scored three times in the current season, but it was not enough in order to win. The team from Ufa is still unable to win in a home match.

PFC CSKA lost two points and their distance from Zenit has grown again. Vasily Berezutskiy scored for the Army team, before he scored only in may 2009 in the Russian Championship. Due to the two goals scored PFC CSKA midfield Hatho is having 7 goals scored in the current season. Hulk and Rondon have the same number of goals. These three players are on the top of the goalscorers table.

Zenit 5:0 Mordovia

Zenit continued its defeatless run up to 11 matches. The team of Andre Villas-Boas has 9 wins and 2 draws, and in four of them the club from St.Petersburg beat its opponents with a cricket score.

Before that Zenit was not able to win for four matches (including UEFA Champions League).

Mordovia lost two recent away matches with joined score 0:10. The team has already three matches in their goalless run.


Krasnodar 2:0 Terek

Krasnodar won three of the last four matches in the Premier League, having one draw. The success in the match against Terek brought the team of Oleg Kononov to the third position.

For the first time in the current season Terek lost twice in a row.

Dynamo 0:2 Rubin

Dynamo interrupted the run of 10 matches with scored goals. And in the seven latest gamess the team of Stanislav Cherchesov scored at least twice.

Rubin has its third win in a row. The club from Kazan proved that it is considered to be quite an inconvenient opponent for Dynamo. In the 25 matches against Rubin Dynamo won only three times, and 14 games were lost.



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