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On 30 November 2014 at Lokomotiv stadium within the frames of the SOGAZ-Russian Football Championship MD 15 match Lokomotiv – Spartak a joined event of the Russian Football Premier League, its legal partner European Legal Service and FC Lokomotiv – Stadium is our house. The family sector spectators took part in the quiz with questions on what is allowed and what is not allowed at football matches on the basis of the Law on Supporters. All the participants received detailed information on the issues of their interest from the European Legal Services lawers.

 More than 100 persons took part in the event. Supporters who replied correctly to the questions of the quiz received valuable gifts from European Legal Service – Present Card seasonal certificate which can be used to get legal consultations for the family members.

The special prize – Platinum Family card  - was given to Alexander Chernov, supporting Lokomotiv, and his son Boris, a Spartak fan.

European Legal Service – a legal partner of the Russian Football Premier League – within the frames of legal services to the supporters is arranging free legal consultations on matchdays. Tel: +7 495 727 09 01

Football unites all of us! Looking forward to seeing you at the stadiums!


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