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On 23-24 April the matches of ROSGOSSTRAKH Russian Football Championship MD 25 will be held. There is not so much time before the end of the season, and fight in the wrap-up MDs' matches is becoming more and more intense.

The main intrigue is in the Champions Race, where five teams take part at the same time. After 24 Matchdays Rostov is leading. It is one point ahead of PFC CSKA and two points behind Zenit. The chances of Lokomotiv and Krasnodar are not so preferable on  the background of their competitors. But it is evident that these teams will get the European Cup zone places for the next season as the result. It will be very difficult for Terek and Spartak to reach the top five.

The bottom part of the table also promises heat. So far all the clubs have their chances to keep their places in the Premier-League, however the situation of Anji and Mordovia is worse. Kuban which occupies the 14th position is three points ahead of the nearest competitor. Amkar and Krylia Sovetov do not guarantee themselves peaceful life. So the remaining MDs will be non-compromised and interesting.

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23.04.2016, 14:30, METALLURG


Referee: Alexander Egorov (Saransk). In season 2015-2016 – 9 matches – 36 yellow cards - 3 penalties awarded

Suspended: none - none

Balance of the matches in the top division of the Russian Championship: +2=8-3 (12:16)

In the first round: 1:1

The MD will be kicked-off with a match in Samara where the local Krylia Sovetov will play against Ural. This match is very important for the home team, as the gap from the play-off zone does not allow to have a calm end of the season.

It is interesting to know that the recent 5 games between these teas within the frames of the Russian Championship ended with the same score 1:1. Moreover, the club from Samara did not lose to the club from Ekaterinburg for 8 matches in a row, and never in history at home.

After two failures with total score 0:7 Ural will do its best in order to interrupt these two unpleasant runs. Ural has chances to get above the 8th position and the players will try to use their chance.



23.04.2016, 17:00, OTKRYTIE ARENA


Referee: Vladislav Bezborodov (St.Petersburg). In season 2015-2016 – 17 matches – 84 yellow cards – 2 red cards – 6 penalties awarded

Suspended:Мakeev, Glushakov - Rykov

Balance of the matches in the top division of the Russian Championship: +4=0-1 (11:5)

In the first round: 1:0

After three not very successful matches Spartak-Moscow is planning to bring joy to its supporters with beating Mordovia which has a lot of problems both on and off the pitch.

Spartak lost Makeev and Glushakov who won't be able to play due to suspension. But D.Kombarov will return to the squad after his sanctions are over. As for the rest the coaches of Dmitry Alenichev do not have any serious problems with their squad.

Mordovia lost Rykov who is also suspended. Confessions of players about salary payment delays definitely do not improve their spirit. So Mordovia has a lot of problems now. But the main one is to keep position in the Premier League, so they need to gain points.


RUBIN  - TEREK      

23.04.2016, 19:30, TSENTRALNYI


Referee: Alexey Matyunin (Moscow). In season 2015-2016 – 13 matches – 53 yellow cards – 4 red cards – 3 penalties awarded

Suspended: none - none

Balance of the matches in the top division of the Russian Championship: +6=8-3 (23:14)

In the first round: 1:2

The club from Kazan is following Ural in the tournament table and has good chances to be among the top eight as the result of the season. The main problem for the coaches will be injury of Kuzmin, who will miss about two weeks.

As for the rest, there are no serious problems with the squad.

As for Terek, the team of Rashid Rakhimov lost in the two previous MD as many times as in 22 matchdays before. And the main problem of the team - the club from Grozny cannot score for more than 180 minutes.

Terek occupies the 6th position and is only one point ahead of Spartak.



24.04.2016, 12:00,  ZVEZDA


Referee: Sergey Ivanov (Rostov-on-Don). In season 2015-2016 – 14 matches – 46 yellow cards – 1 red card – 3 penalties awarded

Suspended: none - Denisov

Balance of the matches in the top division of the Russian Championship: +5=7-11 (17:35)

In the first round: 0:3

Amkar and Lokomotiv are going to meet in Perm. The club from Perm is beyond the dangerous zone, however, Gadzhi Gadzhiev's team needs points. Especially considering the fact that the club from Perm has not beaten Lokomotiv for 6 matches in a row, and at home - since 2011.

Amkar will also be tired after an uneasy Cup match against Zenit, where fulltime and extra time was not enough to determine the winner.

Lokomotiv still keeps hoping to get to the top three. However, it is not enough only to win for that, they also need their competitors to lose points. Igor Cherevchenko will have to dispense with the services of suspended defender Denisov.



24.04.2016, 14:30, KUBAN


Referee: Sergey Lapochkin (St.Petersburg). In season 2015-2016 – 11 matches – 39 yellow cards – 2 red cards – 1 penalty awarded

Suspended: none - none

Balance of the matches in the top division of the Russian Championship: +1=1-1 (3:3)

In the first round: 1:1

Krasnodar also keeps hoping to get to the prize-winning group at the end of the season, and Ufa is trying to leave the zone of promotion-relegation matches. So the match promises to be a tough one.

Krasnodar players will have to compensate their failure in the Cup of Russia match against PFC CSKA. Supporters also follow very closely another race - competition for the Best Scorer Award. And Krasnodar forward Fedor Smolov is one of the candidates for this honorary award, especially considering the fact that Russians have not won it for a very long time.

Ufa is evidently not thinking about spectacular performance. Only one point is between them and safe zone, which will allow to avoid play-off matches. But it will be very difficult to reach Dynamo in the nearest matches, as the team from Bashkortostan has quite a difficult calendar.



24.04.2016, 17:00, ARENA KHIMKI


Referee: Alexey Eskov (Moscow). In season 2015-2016 – 10 matches – 37 yellow cards – 1 red card – 3 penalties awarded

Suspended: none - none

Balance of the matches in the top division of the Russian Championship: +16=14-19 (67:67)

In the first round: 2:0

Capital derby will take place in Khimki. PFC CSKA competing for the title cannot allow itself to fail, as the risk is very high that in case of failure the team of Leonid Slutskiy will be behind Zenit.

It is interesting to know that only in the current season the Army team managed to get rid of their "Dynamo Curse". Because before for over 12 matches PFC CSKA was not able to beat Dynamo.

Leonid Slutskiy does not have any serious problems with the squad. On the contrary, Goloving proved himself very well in the Cup of Russia match and scored twice.

Things could not be worse for Dynamo in the recent matches. One win over nine matches and three defeats in a row with the total score 2:9 do not bring any optimism to supporters. But the derby is the derby and in this case quite often desire beats class.



24.04.2016, 19:30, OLIMP-2


Referee: Sergey Karasev (Moscow). In season 2015-2016 – 12 matches – 58 yellow cards – 6 red cards – 7 penalties awarded

Suspended: Mogilevets - Neto

Balance of the matches in the top division of the Russian Championship: +10=8-21 (35:69)

In the first round: 0:3

The central match of the MD will take place in Rostov-on-Don. The poster of the match Rostov-Zenit will become a good reason for another fullhouse at the stadium Olimp-2. Besides,  Rostov team has already beaten another direct competitor in a home match - it was PFC CSKA. And on Wednesday Zenit had to spent almost one hour extra on the pitch in order to beat Amkar in the Cup of Russia match. Even though Andre Villas-Boas gave some rest to several leading players.

Mogilevets will not be able to play for Rostov in this match, as for the rest, Kurban Berdyev does not have serious problems.

Zenit lost Danny till the end of the calendar year, there are some problems with Mauricio. But they have Garay, who will be able to compensate the absence of suspended Neto.



24.04.2016, 19:30, ANJI ARENA


Referee: Kirill Levnikov (St.Petersburg). In season 2015-2016 – 13 matches – 38 yellow cards – 8 penalties awarded

Suspended: none - none

Balance of the matches in the top division of the Russian Championship: +2=4-3 (7:8)

In the first round: 1:1                                                       

A real combat is expected in Kaspiisk, where Anji is going to have one of its last chances to grab the safe 14th position. It is interesting to know that Anji is the only team of the current season, which does not have any home wins. In 12 games the players from Makhachkala played 5 times in a draw and lost 7 games. However, the visiting team is of the same kind - Kuban in the current season played 6 away matches in a draw, lost 5 matches and made no draws.

Anji continues their not most successful run of five defeats and one goalless draw. But one win can considerably increase their chances to win. And failure can become a doom for this non-standard team.

Kuban has gained only five points during spring, but this is enough so far in order to stay away from the direct relegation zone. And a win will bring the team closer to the safe 12th position. So a real combat is expected at Anji Arena, where nobody agrees to lose.




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