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ROSGOSSTRAKH Russian Football Championship MD 12 matches will be held in the period between 29 and 31 October. The main event of the MD and the whole first round will be the capital derby Spartak – PFC CSKA. This match always attracts a lot of attention not depending on the clubs’ positions in the tournament table, weather and other things. Spartak – PFC CSKA is an event where nobody will remain indifferent. Full house, which most matches of the tournament lacking, is expected at Otkrytie Arena.

Spartak occupies the top position of the Russian Championship after a long time. PFC CSKA occupies the 3rd position and is having game problems recently. Both teams have something in common: the leading players cannot help them over the recent time. Denis Glushakov, Quincy Promes and Ze Luis have been working hard the current week trying to get recovered for the match. The Army team also has a lot of losses - Roman Eremenko is suspended, Alan Dzagoev is injured, and Birbas Natcho is also having some health problems However, as both teams say: drerby is a different world, where all problems go to the backstage and the main purpose is the win. So it is no use to pay attention to the game of the teams in the previous matches. The most important thing for the match is to be played in the tough competition and to bring to those who comes to the stadium or watches it on TV the most vivid emotions. And the strongest team will win.

The most experienced of the current referees - Alexey Nikolaev - has been appointed to officiate this match. It is worth to mention that he has officiated enough matches of the highest level. And we want to believe that the referee won't become the main character on the pitch, and after the game supporters and specialists won't be discussing his work, but sharing their opinion of the game.

But the Russian football does not have only one derby. MD 12 programme has also 7 more matches, which mean a lot for the tournament competition.

The MD will be kicked-off in Perm, where the unyielding Amkar is hosting Rostov, which has gained only one point in away matches of current ROSGOSSTRAKH Russian Football Championship. The teams are quite close in the tournament table, and this fact adds intrigue to the tournament.

On Sunday the day programme will be opened by the match between Ural and Terek. It is highly difficult to predict a  winner in this game, but the home team desperately needs three points.

In Tula Arsenal is hosting Ufa, which beat Terek in a tough game on Wednesday in a Cup of Russia match in the post-match penalty shoots-out. The home team had much more time for the match preparation, but they also have much more problems. The club from Tula was able to score only 4 goals over 11 matchdays - this is the worst index in the Premier League.

Zenit is hosting Tom in St.Petersburg after a fiasco in the Cup of Russia game. And the club from Tom is not in a good position, as the players of Mircea Lucescu will be trying to win by all means. Besides, they have a chance to get the top line of the tournament table, if Spartak fails.

A tough competition is expected in the match Anji - Krasnodar. Over the current season the club from Makhachkala showed that this team can solve much more serious problems than struggle for survival. Krasnodar has problems with the squad - they are evidently lacking the team leaders - Pavel Mamaev and Fedor Smolov. But even with such significant losses the team manages to get positive results.

On Monday a real battle is expected in Orenburg where the local team is hosting Krylia Sovetov from Samara. Both teams are in the bottom part of the table and one win can noticeably improve the situation, and will bring confidence, which most important.

The MD 12 will be wrapped-up with a match at Kazan Arena where Rubin and Lokomotiv are going to face each other. Both teams used to compete for the championship title once. Now the teams occupy the 10th and 11th positions and do now show the game, which is expected by their supporters.

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