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ROSGOSSTRAKH Russian Football Championship MD 26 matches will be held in the period between 29 May and 1 May. A thrilling finish awaits all football fans in Russia this season: will Spartak be able not to lose its advantage and to get ahead of PFC CSKA and Zenit which are chasing it?

Both competitors will have such a chance in the upcoming MD. PFC CSKA is hosting Spartak after fantastic win over Lokomotiv. And Spartak cannot boast a spectacular performance in the recent games.

Both opponents have injured players – Ze Luis and Adriano in Spartak, and Dzagoev got injured in PFC CSKA. But players managed to avoid suspensions. Besides, Spartak captain Glushakov will return to his team after suspension for being sent-off in Rostov-on-Don.

In case of win PFC CSKA will shorten the gap to Spartak to four points, as for a draw or failure – they will practically deprive the Army team from chances to get the title. We also should not forget about Zenit, which in case of win in Tomsk will continue struggle for the title or for the silver medals which give the right to play in UEFA Champions League. And this is a perfect chance to earn good money.

Matches between Spartak and PFC CSKA are always spectacular, emotional and have tough struggle. It is almost impossible to tell who will be the winner. But this match is of utmost importance for both clubs at the finish of the season.

The fight is becoming more and more tense in the bottom part of the table. Win of Arsenal over Krylia Sovetov sent the club from Samara to the 15th position. Orenburg is also very close. So these three clubs, probably, will be settling in promotion-relegation play-offs who will move to FNL and who will remain to play in the Premier League.

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