Zenit return on the top after defeating Arsenal

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Zenit St. Petersburg 3-1 Arsenal Tula
Monday, 14 September, Gazprom Arena

Goals: Mostovoy (25); Dzyuba (31); Erokhin (89) – Kovalev (60)
Man of the Match: Andrey Mostovoy (Zenit)

The current RPL champions took the lead after 25 minutes, when Andrey Mostovoy capitalized the second chance after Danil Krugovoy’s shot outside the penalty area. That’s his first goal for Zenit’s first team. Artem Dzyuba doubled the lead in six minutes scoring his second goal of the season.

The visitors answered in the second half thanks to Yury Kovalev’s shot, but Sergey Semak’s team brought back two-goal lead, when Aleksandr Erokhin scored from the assist by Yury Zhirkov.

Zenit are back on the first position with 16 points, while Arsenal stand on 14th place with 5 points.

On 19 September Zenit will visit Ural Ekaterinburg, and Arsenal will meet at home with FC Sochi on the next day.

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