Khimki crush Krylia to tie club biggest RPL win

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Khimki 4-1 Krylia Sovetov Samara
Sunday 24 April, Arena Khimki

Goals: Khimki - Glushakov (pen 45+1), Mirzov (50), Sadygov (87), Soldatenkov (OG 90); Krylia - Glushenkov (28)
Sent off: Krylia Sovetov - Yakuba (45), Bijl (61)
Man of the Match: Denis Glushakov (Khimki)

When the match kicked off in Khimki, the visitors from Samara did everything to control the game. So it feels their goal is coming, and then the free-kick combination was capitalized by Maksim Glushenkov. But just before the half-time Denis Yakuba fouled Dmitry Tikhiy in the box, which led to a penalty and a second yellow card for Krylia midfielder. Denis Glushakov made an equaliser scoring his ninth goal in the season and proving the status of team’s leading scorer.

Things became worse and worse for Krylia, as Reziuan Mirzov opened the second half with a one-timer from the corner, and eleven minutes later Glen Bijl was sent off, after he tackled Mirzov with the straight leg. Nine-man visitors were still trying to counter-attack and catch their chance, but two goals in the final minutes crushed all hopes. Ilya Sadygov scored to the empty net after intercepting Ivan Lomaev in the midfield, and the final word was spoken by Aleksandr Soldatenkov own goal, which came from Kirill Bozhenov cross.

Khimki could not beat Krylia for 14 years, and that was the second time the Moscow Region team got a 4-1 win against the Samara side. Both 4-1 scores are biggest victories for the Red-Blacks in the RPL.

Khimki remain 13th on 28 points, while Krylia stay seventh on 38 points.

Next RPL fixtures: Sunday 1 May - Spartak Moscow vs Krylia Sovetov Samara; Khimki vs Ufa

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