Krasnodar stop Rostov streak and win the derby

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FC Krasnodar 2-1 FC Rostov
Saturday 30 April, FC Krasnodar Stadium

Goals: Krasnodar - Krivtsov (14), Kalinin (OG 16); Rostov - Komlichenko (4)
Man of the Match: Aleksandr Chernikov (Krasnodar)

The 24th Southern Derby edition in the RPL started breathtakingly,as both sides scored three goals in the first minutes. Krasnodar graduate Nikolay Komlichenko netted from Roman Tugarev assist and paid respect to his native club not celebrating the goal, his fourth in the last five matches. Krasnodar answered with the first RPL goal for Nikita Krivtsov, and then another former Bulls player scored, but Igor Kalinin's goal was an own goal.

Despite making 11 shots in the second half Rostov could not find a net, and big applauds go to Egor Sorokin who stopped the ball on the goalline twice. So it ended a four-game win streak for the Yellow-Blues, the best one under Valery Karpin, and continued their winless streak against Krasnodar in the RPL, now it counts 16 games.

Krasnodar goes fifth on 42 points with a postponed fixture against Lokomotiv to play next, while Rostov stay eighth on 34 points.

Next RPL fixtures: Wednesday 4 May - Krasnodar vs Lokomotiv; Sunday 8 May - Ufa vs Rostov; Arsenal Tula vs Krasnodar

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