Arsenal save a point after comeback against Nizhny

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Arsenal Tula 2-2 FC Nizhny Novgorod
Monday 2 May, Arsenal Stadium

Goals: Arsenal - Tkachev (45+1), Lutsenko (71); Nizhny Novgorod - Gotsuk (18), Kalinsky (30)
Man of the Match: Ayaz Guliev (Arsenal)

Both sides were the less scoring teams after the winter break, with Arsenal scoring four goals and Nizhny Novgorod having five. Curious that their first ever meeting in RPL included five goals with Tula getting three points, and this time both opponents were productive again. 

In the first 30 minutes everything was under visitors’ control. Kirill Gotsuk hit his third goal this season from the corner kick by Nikolay Kalinsky. The highest scoring player Kalinsky found his moment later and smashed the ball from the rebound, reaching the mark of seven goals this season. Disappointed Arsenal side cut the lead before the break thanks to Djordje Despotovic's head pass and the shot by Sergey Tkachev.

Both goal makers were on the radar again, when Tkachev was fouled in the box, and Despotovic took the penalty shot. But Djordje did not become a hero, it was Nikita Goylo's moment for glory, as he saved the penalty in his first ever RPL match. So there came Evgeny Lutsenko, who substituted a frustrated Despot, and his first ball touch lead to the equaliser. So both sides shared the points, and the relegation battle continues.

Arsenal remain bottom on 22 points, while Nizhny Novgorod go 11th on 29 points.

Next RPL fixtures: Saturday 7 May - Nizhny Novgorod vs Akhmat Grozny; Sunday 8 May - Arsenal Tula vs Krasnodar


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