Sergeev scores third in a row to win final home game for Zenit

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Zenit St. Petersburg 1-0 FC Khimki
Saturday 7 May, Gazprom Arena

Goal: Zenit - Sergeev (13) 
Man of the Match: Yuri Albero (Zenit)

Last year Khimki visited Zenit having a 10-game streak without defeats, but it ended at Gazprom Arena. This lightning struck twice. Before the trip to St. Petersburg Khimki have been going through seven games without losing, and it ended again here. The Red-Blacks entered the pitch without Elmir Nabiullun (six-game suspension) and head coach Sergey Yuran (two-game), so assistant Denis Popov had been managing the team for the first time. Everything it could was just shooting the target twice.

Zenit had already completed their main goal, getting fourth RPL title in a row. So that allowed Sergey Semak to use a rotation, putting Daniil Odoevsky in the net. But the main attacking duo of Yuri Alberto and Ivan Sergeev started again, and their combination led Zenit to their first and only goal this match. Sergeev reached the mark of ten goals in the single RPL season and increased his current streak to three games. After the match the team celebrated with the fans winning a championship one more time, as it was the final home game for Zenit.

Zenit extend their lead at the top to 12 points, while Khimki stay 12th on 29 points.

Next RPL matches: Saturday 14 May - Rostov vs Khimki; Sunday 15 May - Spartak Moscow vs Zenit St. Petersburg

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