Komlichenko makes four in four to get second home win for Rostov

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RPL Matchday 4
FC Rostov 2-1 FC Orenburg
Sunday 7 August, Rostov Arena

Goals: Rostov - Poloz (pen 45+1), Komlichenko (pen 60); Orenburg - Vorobyev (pen 69)
Man of the Match: Nikolay Komlichenko (Rostov)

Daniil Utkin’s streak with providing Rostov goals ended, but Nikolay Komlichenko still on fire, as Rostov striker stays the only one with goals in every single matchday this season. All goals were got from the penalties, but before Utkin broke to the box to get first team goal from the play, and former Rostov Evgeny Goshev saved the shot. Another player, previously performed for the Yellow-Blues, Aleksandr Pavlovets became antihero, as his contact with Dmitry Poloz caused first penalty, which was buried by Rostov last season top scorer.

Komlichenko came to the spot in the second half, when Aleksandr Ektov wrestled the forward in the box, and Nikolay scored against Goshev. But Orenburg answered in the same style, as Sergey Pesyakov tackled against Dmitry Vorobyev, and the player, who earned the penalty, capitalized it. Rostov kept the result getting two wins in two games at home.

Rostov are sixth with eight points, while Orenburg are eleventh on three points.

Next RPL fixtures: Sunday 14 August - Pari NN vs Rostov, Orenburg vs Torpedo

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