Kerk strikes in Khimki and ends Lokomotiv winless streak

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RPL Matchday 6
FC Khimki 0-3 Lokomotiv Moscow
Saturday 20 August, Arena Khimki

Goals: Lokomotiv – Kerk (22), Kamano (34), Maradishvili (90)
Sent off: Lokomotiv – Mampassi (44)
Man of the Match: Girano Kerk (Lokomotiv)

Lokomotiv came to Khimki with worst start ever in the RPL era, and finally they got the victory against side, who on the other side made their best start in the league but suffered second loss in two matches with Nikolay Pisarev. The biggest impact was made by Girano Kerk, his shot from right wing of the box was surprise for Ilya Lantratov, and it opened the score. Later the Dutch sent the ball from the free kick, and Francois Kamano hit the header into the far corner. Both foreigners made their first goals this season.

The visitors came to the half-time with two-goal advantage and 10-man, as Mark Mampassi was sent off fouling Reziuan Mirzov, who tried to run away to the goal. Khimki’s biggest chance was missed by Dmitry Tikhiy, as Danill Khudyakov saved the ball from the Red-Blacks captain. Konstantin Maradishvili and Anton Miranchuk were on time to make third goal in the final minutes, as Miranchuk found Maradishvili in the box, and Konstantin scored.

Lokomotiv after getting first season win move to 12th on six points, while Khimki stay ninth with seven points.

Next RPL fixtures: Friday 26 August – Sochi vs Khimki, Sunday 28 August – Lokomotiv vs Orenburg

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