Akhmat get nervous win in Ekaterinburg

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RPL Matchday 10
Ural Ekaterinburg 1-2 Akhmat Grozny
Saturday 17 September, Ekaterinburg Arena

Goals: Ural – Bykovsky (84); Akhmat – Kharin (38), Berisha (90)
Man of the Match: Giorgi Shelia (Akhmat)

Yury Nagaytsev was interim Akhmat head coach in the RPL match for the second time, first one was home game against Zenit. Ural left the coaches’ question in the past, as Viktor Goncharenko made two wins in six official games, while his first stage in Ekaterinburg ended with one win in six matches. The first minutes were spoiled for the hosts with quick Eric Bicfalvi injury, so Ural captain was forced to left the pitch after four minutes of play.

Evgeny Kharin scored his first goal of the season to give Akhmat the lead, as he wonderfully caught the assist from Ivan Oleynikov and smashed to the right corner. The fun began in the final minutes of the second half, left wing Artem Bykovsky scored an equalizer to the same corner and got his first ever goal for Ural first team. But Bernard Berisha became the key point, he beat Denis Kulakov twice with the dribble and brought the lead back, as the added time started. When Ilya Pomazun tried to help his team in the attacking zone, Berisha ran to score an empty netter and missed it, but Ural could not strike back and stayed without points.

Akhmat move to eighth on 14 points, while Ural stay 15th with four points.

Next RPL fixtures: Saturday 1 October – Lokomotiv vs Ural; Sunday 2 October – Akhmat vs Dynamo

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