Late win in Krasnodar moves Akhmat up

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RPL Matchday 13
FC Krasnodar 2-3 Akhmat Grozny
Saturday 15 October, FC Krasnodar Stadium

Goals: Krasnodar – Spertsyan (30), Banjac (55); Akhmat – Berisha (pen 16), Timofeev (35), Oleynikov (90+5)
Man of the Match: Ilzat Akhmetov (Krasnodar)

Krasnodar welcomed at their stage team leading by former Bulls coach Sergey Tashuev, who worked with them in the first league in 2010. His side took the lead after Ivan Oleynikov earned a penalty, Bernard Berisha sent the ball to the left corner, and it became his third goal this season. Ilzat Akhmetov started for Krasnodar first time in the RPL, and his skills were useful, after making breakthrough to the box he assisted to Eduard Spertsyan for the equalizer and the ninth goal for Armenian youngster. But Akhmat finished the first half as leaders, Artem Timofeev's one-timer surprised Matvey Safonov, and his jump was not enough to save the ball. Oleynikov got the assist in this attack.

In the second half Akhmetov again was a headache for visitors, another run to the box finished with the assist to Mihajlo Banjac, and the Serbian scored first time in Russia. Spertsyan was close to reach tenth goal and hit the crossbar from the free kick. When added time expired, there came again hiding hero Oleynikov. Firstly, he got yellow card, and then his long shot to the bottom corner turned into a winner for the guests.

Krasnodar still fifth with 21 points, while Akhmat go to seventh on 20 points.

Next RPL fixtures: Saturday 22 October – Pari NN vs Krasnodar; Sunday 23 October – Akhmat vs Torpedo

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