Djordjevic involved in two of three goals, Sochi defeat Rostov in Winline RPL Winter Cup

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Winline RPL Winter Cup
Matchday 2
FC Sochi 3-0 FC Rostov
Monday 6 February, Al Nahyan Stadium, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Goals: Sochi – Burmistrov (11), Djordjevic (16), Sarveli (58)
Sent off: Rostov – Terentyev (38)

Winter Cup continued with battle between Kurban Berdyev and Valery Kaprin, and Sochi made huge steps to win in first 15 minutes. Luka Djordjevic assisted Nikita Burmistrov with heel to open the score, and five minutes later the Montenegrin capitalized the chance himself.

Rostov suffered another trouble when Denis Terentyev earned two yellow cards in three minutes. The Yellow-Blues played ten-men until the half-time, but second half they started again in full strength. Sochi extended the lead through Vladislav Sarveli and got first win in Abu Dhabi tournament.

Standings: 1. Sochi (3 points); 2. Krasnodar (3); 3. Spartak (2); 4. Rostov (1)

Next Winter Cup matches: Friday 10 February – Spartak vs Sochi; Saturday 11 February – Rostov vs Krasnodar

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