New players make Krylia victorious in first Cup leg against Dynamo

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Russian Cup play-offs
RPL Path Quarter-finals, 1st leg
Krylia Sovetov Samara 2-1 Dynamo Moscow
Thursday 23 February, Solidarnost Samara Arena

Goals: Krylia – Pisarsky (49), Zuev (89); Dynamo – Tyukavin (81)

Krylia came to the Cup play-offs with some updates, as they were joined by RPL top scorer Vladimir Sychevoy (Pisarsky), former Manchester City system player Benjamin Garre, well-known Aleksandr Zuev (he played for Krylia during 2016/17 season), and ex-Spartak Nikolay Rasskazov. All of them made impact on game result, after the goalless first half Garre helped to develop the attack, which turned into Pisarsky’s first goal for Samara, and striker celebrated it like conductor with his stick.

Dynamo turned some games in the first part of the season around using bench strength, and Yaroslav Gladyshev with Konstantin Tyukavin did it again, assist from first one led to goal from the second with nine minutes left in the second half. But it was enough time for Krylia to capture the lead again, and Zuev scored to the bottom corner, which became his first goal fir the team and the winning goal of the match.

Second leg will be played at VTB Arena on Wednesday 1 March. The winner on aggregate will move to RPL Path semi-finals, while eliminated team will join Regions Path quarter-finals.

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