Defenders score for Rostov to get first win of the year

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RPL Matchday 19
FC Rostov 2-1 FC Pari Nizhny Novgorod
Sunday 12 March, Rostov Arena

Goals: Rostov – Langovich (55), Osipenko (pen 90+4); Pari NN – Suleymanov (64)
Man of the Match: Khoren Bayramyan (Rostov)

Rostov finally achieved their first win of the year after being eliminated from Cup RPL Path and defeated in RPL by Lokomotiv. The road had plenty of challenges including absence of Nikolay Komlichenko due to suspension. Defenders duo played part in first goal combination, Viktor Melekhin sent the ball to the middle of box, where it was redirected by Andrey Langovich. But later Melekhin made a gift to opponent, his pass was intercepted by Timur Suleymanov, and top Pari NN scorer made an equalizer. Rostov rush in the final minutes brought them a penalty, and Maksim Osipenko scored from the spot second time this season. Artem Gorlov started in RPL with two straight losses, but he will try to get revenge against Rostov on Thursday fixture in Regions Path quarter-final.

Rostov still third with 38 points, while Pari NN are 13th with 19 points.

Next RPL fixtures: Sunday 19 March – Khimki vs Rostov, Pari NN vs Torpedo


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