Defenders score winners from nowhere for shorthanded Rostov

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RPL Matchday 21
FC Rostov 2-1 Torpedo Moscow
Sunday 2 April, Rostov Arena

Goals: Rostov – Langovich (45), Chernov (53); Torpedo – Karaev (59)
Sent off: Rostov – Glebov (42)
Man of the Match: Andrey Langovich (Rostov)

Rostov Arena was the place to introduce Josep Klotet, new Torpedo head coach, to RPL audience. And it was not the only important event this night. Rostov broke Krylia Sovetov and Krasnodar record for earned penalty shots; they got 14th attempt, but Dmitry Poloz could not score to Egor Baburin, old mate in Rostov. Another bad news to Valery Karpin came from VAR review, yellow card for Danil Glebov’s tackle turned into red.

By the way Rostov hit with two sudden shots from defenders; Andrey Langovich reached top corner before the break, and Evgeny Chernov scored wonderful volley after corner kick. David Karaev also shot well outside the box, but Torpedo could not get more from one-man advantage.

Rostov still second with 44 points, while Torpedo keep bottom on ten points.

Next RPL fixtures: Saturday 8 April – Torpedo vs Fakel; Monday 10 April – Orenburg vs Rostov

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