Krylia deal with keeper injury, win at home first time in 2023

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RPL Matchday 28
Krylia Sovetov Samara 3-0 Ural Ekaterinburg
Sunday 21 May, Solidarnost Samara Arena

Goals: Krylia – Bijl (45+4), Tsypchenko (53), Garre (pen 60)
Man of the Match: Glenn Bijl (Krylia Sovetov)

The only time Krylia Sovetov won home RPL games was in October, when they beat Sochi and Pari NN. Match against Ural started tough, as Ivan lomaev got the injury, and Evgeny Frolov made first league appearance since July 2020. Glenn Bijl helped Krylia to capture the lead before half-time scoring from the rebound in the penalty area, and in the first 15 minutes of second half the score became more confident. Dmitry Tsypchenko blocked Silvije Begic takeaway, and ball went to the net, then Maksim Vityugov earned penalty shot, and Benjamin Garre turned it into three-goal win.

Krylia move back to twelfth with 29 points, while Ural still eleventh on 30 points.

Next RPL fixtures: Saturday 27 May – Khimki vs Ural; Sunday 28 May – Fakel vs Krylia Sovetov

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On 31 May 2003, Igor Akinfeev played for CSKA for the first time in the Russian Premier Liga, as the Armymen beat Krylia Sovetov in Samara.

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