Fakel leaves Krasnoyarsk with one-goal advantage

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Relegation play-off
1st leg
Enisey Krasnoyarsk 0-1 Fakel Voronezh
Wednesday 7 June, Enisey Football Arena, Krasnoyarsk

Goal: Fakel – Markov (77)
Sent off: Enisey – Lanin (59)

Enisey made third appearance in relegation play-off, but so does Fakel head coach Vadim Evseev, who won relegation play-off battles both with Amkar and Ufa. Playing at indoor arena during First League season gave some advantage for hosts, but it did not work, and by the way, they started second half with sent off to Oleg Lanin; he hit opponent with leg, and VAR changed his yellow card for red. In RPL Fakel scored multiple times from set pieces, and they caught the chance at corner kick; Sergey Bozhin shot was blocked, but the ball came to Evgeny Markov, who smashed it to the net.

Fakel came back to Voronezh for second leg with one-goal advantage, and need to clarify, this season away goal will not be counted as advantage in aggregate score.

Second leg: Saturday 10 June – Fakel vs Enisey

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